Fine Art Photography – An Exploration Into Art

After trying my hand at the more ominous side of Fine Art Photography, I decided to do a small collection based off of the previous post.
Here is a small collection of “Children in the Forest”.


As Seen In – Published in “New Jersey Cops” Magazine!

The latest issue of “New Jersey Cops” Magazine features a couple of Filtered Light Photography shots!!!  You can see the full story on this previous post – NLEOMF Police Unity Tour 2013.

Departure From My Norm – Fine Art Photography

Usually, my photography is light and definitely has a Summery vibe. I do LOVE summer and the beach, and would prefer it if my daily life resembled this!
Recently, I took one of my very sunny, summer shots and went the other way with it. Here is my attempt at something with a little more of an ominous tone. Hopefully, it makes the observer feel curious about the little girl alone in the woods.

Daddy’s Little Girl – Father’s Day Photography

This gorgeous girl wanted to do something very special for her daddy for Father’s Day. She’s fearless, adventurous, sweet, and kind – not to mention absolutely beautiful. It looks like she is the best present he could ever ask for! But these will just have to do. Happy Father’s Day to all of the daddies out there.






One Lucky Baby – Baby Photography and the Love of New Parents

There is nothing sweeter than the way new parents dote on their precious little ones. Speaking in the sweetest whispers, and working overtime to make sure their miniature loves know they are the most special. This lucky little lady didn’t just get one, she got two incredibly sweet and patient parents. Their special bond was ever so clear during our late morning photo shoot. Such a sweet little family. So glad I was able to be a part of this peaceful morning.